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Pleasure Points

Oct 28, 2019

“I’ve seen hundreds of patients and they’re hiring me for nutrition but I want to also go into meditation with them to help them with all these other things.” -Monika Arenas, RD

Today’s guest, Monika Arenas, is an entrepreneur, registered dietician, and co-founder of The Lunafast. This is a powerful episode...

Oct 21, 2019

Today I share the one thing that I come back to time and time again when I'm working with my dating and relationship coaching clients. It might not be fun to hear, but dial this in and you'll have immediately changed how people interact with you! 

Oct 14, 2019

“How do you hold space for people if you’re worried about the service not happening, that you have to clean someone’s room, or get towels…anything that takes you away from holding sacred space for people?”

Today’s guest is Dawn Oliver. She’s a travel expert for Conde Naste, the co-owner of Yogiiza,...

Oct 7, 2019

Jenn joins the show and we discuss our recent camping adventures in Zion National Park.