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Pleasure Points

May 27, 2019

In today's show, I share the first encounter I remembered having with the invisible world. It shook me to my core and kickstarted a change in my sensory perception that would impact me forever. 

May 20, 2019

"I’ve been that girl who was at home and not happy with my business, and in my relationships, and the path to get me to this success here didn’t just appear overnight." -Jennifer Pansa

Jennifer Pansa joins the show again and we have a great talk about going past your upper limits, finding the means to build a life...

May 13, 2019

Part 3 of the channelling experiments where they speak about Time and how our relationship to time impacts the free flowing energy of your heart. 

May 6, 2019

This week I touch on the dark side of forgiveness, the joy of accepting what is, and the power of simply bringing a good mood wherever you go.