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Pleasure Points

Aug 26, 2019

“I can read people thru their spaces. I know what they’re holding onto and what their issues are. What you reveal about yourself in your space is equally as important as what you choose to conceal.” -Inessa Freylekhman

Feng Shui expert and licensed counselor Inessa Freylekhman joins me today and we talk about

Aug 19, 2019

“Just like working out, certain positions in the bedroom can be detrimental.’ -Dr. Yoav Suprun

Today I’m joined by my colleague and good friend, Dr. Yoav Suprun. He’s a Physical Therapist specializing in the McKenzie method, a revolutionary way to treat back and neck pain with precise, directional movement. We...

Aug 12, 2019

Today I look at a sneaky way where pride might be showing up in your life and blocking your ability to love and feel good.